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Is ED killing you?

VigaPlus - Kick ED out of your life

Has lack of erections been bothering you more than it really should? Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a very depressing male sexual deficiency that can quickly lead you to a mental breakdown. This condition renders you lifeless by taking away your capability to erect. Are you looking for a proper solution for your solution? You have come to the right place!

VigaPlus is a supplement to treat impotence that ensures a satisfactory erection in 30 minutes. It has been helping men deal with their condition in a positive way. We invite you to use VigaPlus to get rid of your erection problems. Are you ready?

Enjoy your erections again!

VigaPlus - The popular choice

Victims of ED usually prefer to suffer in silence. It’s time that you sit up and take action against this depressing condition. VigaPlus offers you the safe solution that you seek. Numerous couple from around the world have benefited from the herbal properties of our product. It’s your chance now…

Below is a quick study between VigaPlus and Viagra®:

Viagra® VigaPlus™
Reaction Time: Half an hour Reaction Time: Half an hour
Nature of Product: Chemical Nature of Product: Purely herbal
Abnormal vision
Constant headache
Loss of hearing
Facial flushing
Chest pain
Pain during urination
Nasal congestion
VigaPlus™ has been engineered from plants and herbs. It poses no risks at all and ensures that you have a safe erection.
Is prescription required?
Prior consultation with your doctor is necessary to finalize on whether you can take this chemical drug
Is prescription required?
Since VigaPlus™ is herbal in nature; you don’t need permission from a Doctor. This tablet is 100% safe and Doctor endorsed.

Welcome to a world free from erections!

How does VigaPlus work?

VigaPlus’ effective herbal formulation increases nitric oxide in the penis and thus helps in relaxation of the muscles around the blood vessels. This causes the blood vessels to expand. Thus, there is a natural increase of blood flow into the penis producing a harder erection.

VigaPlus uses Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS), which is a unique method that brings about a quicker assimilation of the ingredients in the body. This action provides stimulating effects within 30 minutes. VigaPlus makes use of this new method to help produce erection within a shorter period of time. It assures multiple erections after taking 2 tablets.


Ingredients Extracts
Nicotinic acid 10mg
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 10mg
Proprietary Base: 120mg
Argyreia speciosa  


VigaPlus produces results within 30 minutes. Follow a course for 6 months and you will retrieve progressively your natural erections and libido.


Take 2 tablets of VigaPlus 30 minutes before sexual activity and do not exceed more than 4 tablets in a 24-hour period.

Each bottle contains 60 tablets of VigaPlus

• VigaPlus has the advantage of being effective with alcohol as well.
• VigaPlus enhances sexual pleasure even if you are wearing a condom.

Side Effects

Extensive research had ensured that VigaPlus doesn’t posses any short-term or long-term side-effects. Vitopharma products are the safest herbal formulations; recommended by the most experienced and prominent doctors. Satisfied customers are gaining matchless profits and reordering the product. This confirms the safety and efficacy of the product.


Vitopharma's reputation for customer satisfaction is unprecedented. Vitopharma products are prepared from the most effective herbs and formulated by the most trusted doctors. As soon as you place your order, your product will be placed in compact packages. Your privacy is strictly respected.

Our products are formulated to deliver and Vitopharma products come with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. This guarantee is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to premium quality and product integrity. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, you can claim your money back by getting in touch with our customer care.

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